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Designing the Future, Honoring Tradition

The United Lisbon International School is the first completed building of the United Lisbon Education Hub, a new campus for education and entrepreneurship located in Park of Nations, a vibrant neighbourhood in Lisbon, with a total construction area of around 50,000sqm, will be one of the most meaningful rehabilitation projects in Lisbon with student/teacher housing, office spaces, a sports arena and multi-purpose hall. At its heart, is this international school which opened in September 2020.

Eduardo Capinha Lopes approached this renovation with sensitivity, considering the building’s historical value as a testimony of industrial heritage in Lisbon. It formerly hosted the Pasteur Institute, and had been awarded the prestigious Valmor award in 1958 for its façade. With this context in mind, the architectural project aimed to create a meaningful dialogue between the existing spaces and new elements, digesting the complex demands of its adaptation into a modern school. The exterior of the building has been preserved, except for minor interventions that were needed for compliance with legal requirements.

The interior spaces were reorganized to provide users a meaningful experience of space, with great transparency between corridors and classrooms, creative hubs for children to do homework or collaborative work, and exposed ceilings which showcase the technical dimension of the building. All these elements help create ‘learning streets’, contributing to an enriching informal education. The building is complemented by a vast outdoor area with 6,500sqm, which includes sports fields and playgrounds. The rehabilitation and renovation increased the thermal and acoustic performance of the existent building significantly and has solutions to increase the health and well-being of users. The building has been developed to meet all sustainability goals and is "BREEAM Very Good" certified.

Sustainability certification

BREEAM Very Good


WAF - World Architecture Festival / LISBON PRIZE 2022 best renovation project